About us

iiSBE Italia R&D is a company established to provide iiSBE Italia Association with technical and operative support on research and development activities at national and international level.

iiSBE Italia Association is the Italian national Chapter of iiSBE (International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment), a non profit association whose overall aim is to facilitate and promote the adoption of  policies, methods and tools to accelerate the movement towards a global sustainable built environment.

In particular, iiSBE Italia R&D deals with the following activities: development of assessment systems (criteria, indicators, frameworks, etc.) at building and urban scale in the field of sustainability, certification of buildings and urban areas according to the national rating system “Protocollo ITACA”; consulting services for public and private organizations on sustainable products, buildings and urban districts; training activities for professionals and construction companies; communication and dissemination activities at national and international level on issues related to sustainable building.

iiSBE Italia R&D is a team of architects and building engineers located in Turin at the Science and Technology Park Environment Park.