Project description:

CABEE aims at creating and implementing a common guideline for planning, procurement, production, assessment and promotion as well as to learn about new and refurbished Nearly-Zero-Emission-Buildings (nZEBs) and their neighbourhoods. CABEE capitalizes wisdom from finished and on-going EU-projects in and outside the Alpine Space. It focuses on a mass oriented approach with low entry barriers and an on-going Open-Source support, the CESBA Wiki. Pilot activities are settled on public tendering, user behaviour and an eco-assessment approach toward 100%. The integration of micro smart energy grids will be explored and furthermore, markets for nZEBs will be prepared, especially in cooperation with public authorities and SMEs. Established “Regional Operation Committees” supported by a transnational sustainable network of experts will make that possible.

iiSBE Italia supported the Piedmont Region as external expert.

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